Church of England Parish of Hanborough

Welcome to the Hanborough Parish Website

A Warm Welcome!

Welcome to our website and we hope you find what you are looking for. Service times for each of our three congregations are included on this website (at the foot of this page) as are the contact details of our Parish Priest, David Tyler.

We would love to see you at one of our services.

The Parish

The Parish of Hanborough lies approximately 6 miles north-west of Oxford, mid way between the market towns of Woodstock and Witney. This Church of England Parish encompasses two churches: Christ Church in Long Hanborough and St Peter and St Paul in Church Hanborough. 

St Peter and St Paul's worship is traditionally Anglican, while Christ Church meets in the local Primary School, Manor School for its morning service, and offers a relaxed informal service including a Sunday School called Focus and Wayfarers and a creche for under 3s. Evening Services are held in Christ Church.

The Parish is part of the Benefice of Hanborough and Freeland which includes St Mary's Church. The Parish is within the Oxford Diocese and the Benefice sits within the Woodstock Deanery.

Our Community

Hanborough is a village of about 2,500 people. We have a local Church of England Primary School with about 200 children and we are well served by varied local shops, a GPs surgery, many local clubs and societies. In addition to the two Anglican churches in Hanborough there is also a Methodist Church.

Our Aim

Our aim is to bring the love and truth of God to our community and to work with other local churches to do so.

Services in the Parish                               

July 2019

14th              10.00   Holy Communion with Baptism               St Peter & St Paul                         (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)

                     10.00   Holy Communion (Rev David Tyler)         Manor School

                     18.00   Evening Prayer (Rev Sue Spankie)           Christ Church


21st              08.00   Holy Communion                                    St Peter & St Paul                          (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones) 

                     10.00   Worship Together                                   Manor School

                     10.00 Morning Prayer                                         Christ Church                                (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)

                     18.00 Compline                                                   Christ Church


28th             10.00   Holy Communion                                     St Peter & St Paul                         (Rev Dr Richard Armitage)

                    10.00   Holiday Bible Club Wrap Up Service        Manor School                               (Rev David Tyler, Rev Sue Spankie and Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)

                    18.00 Evening Prayer                                            Christ Church                             (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)

August 2019

4th              08.00   Holy Communion (Rev David Tyler)            St Peter & St Paul

                   10.00   Summer Service                                           Manor School                           (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)

                   18.00   BCP Holy Communion (Rev David Tyler)     Christ Church


11th           10.00   Holy Communion with baptism               St Peter & St Paul                         (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)

                  10.00    Summer Service                                       Manor School                              (Rev David Tyler and Rev Mike Madden)

                  18.00   Evening Prayer                                          Christ Church                              (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)


18th           08.00  Holy Communion  (Rev David Tyler)             St Peter & St Paul 

                  10.00   Summer Service                                           Manor School

                  10.00   Morning Prayer (Rev David Tyler)                Christ Church

                  18.00   Compline (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)      Christ Church


25th          10.00   Holy Communion                                       St Peter & St Paul                        (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones and Rev Mike Madden)

                  10.00   Summer Service (Rev David Tyler)            Manor School

                  18.00   Evening Prayer                                           Christ Church                              (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)

September 2019

1st              08.00   Holy Communion                                         St Peter & St Paul                    (Rev Emma Hopegood Jones)

                   10.00   Summer Service  (Rev Sue Spankie)            Manor School

                   18.00    BCP Holy Communion                                 Christ Church                          (Rev Sue Spankie and Rev Mike Madden)

Safeguarding:  who to contact in an emergency

If a child or adult is in immediate danger or requires immediate medical attention, call the emergency services on 999.  If there are concerns about their immediate welfare, don't delay: call Children and Adult's Social care on 0345 050 7666 or the MASH Out of Hours Emergency Duty Team: 0800 833408.  Also please inform your Parish Safeguarding officer, Gill Hunt at or via the Rectory on 01993 881270. 

Safeguarding:  who to contact with concerns

For all safeguarding conerns please immediately inform your Parish Safeguarding Officer, Gill Hunt ( or via the Rectory on 01993 881270.  

If you are unsure or worried about how serious a situation is, contact one of the The Diocesan Safeguarding Advisers, Stuart Nimmo, on 01865 208290 or Sophie Harney on 01865 208295. 

For more information please also refer to our Safeguarding Policy